Engineering Study Preparation Course for Private Students

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We are your one-stop service provider for further education at a German university or University of Applied Sciences. Benefit from our longstanding relationship with public universities over the span of 50 years. We provide counseling and guidance to meet students' specific needs, including preparation courses, university selection, application and admission. Our aim: to make your entire stay in Germany successful, memorable and enriching.

Study Preparation Course

The structure of the study preparation courses are identical to those for sponsored students. Module I and II consist of German courses and the AUSMAT course (total duration: 18 months) and take place in Malaysia at First City University College (FCUC). Module III (total duration: 8 months) takes places in Germany and consists of advanced German courses, bridging courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and practical training in a specific industry. Students then begin their degree courses at German universities.

Selecting a German University

There are more than 300 public universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. Utilizing our extensive network, we help students find the right university to suit their desired course of study.

Admission & Application Process, Visa Application

We provide assistance during the entire application and admission process, including providing information about admission requirements and helping students choose the right field of study at a university. Our aim: a smooth and speedy application process.

We also coordinate with the German embassy and provide support to obtain a visa.

Student Accommodation, Travel Services and Insurance

We would be happy to arrange accommodation for you during the program, if desired. We also offer travel services and can arrange for pick up upon arrival in Germany to take you to your accommodation. We provide students with insurance packages (health, accident and third-party liability).

Ongoing Support

Following admission to a German university you may choose to manage your studies on your own or request that Carl Duisberg Centren continue supporting you for the duration of your studies.

Visa Regulations

Foreign students (private) are required to submit proof of financial independence (coverage of all living costs) during their stay in Germany and must open a blocked account (Sperrkonto) prior to applying for a visa.

This blocked account must contain a minimum of 8,640 € in available funds. Students are allowed to withdraw 720 € per month.

Students must open a blocked account directly with a bank of their choice in Germany.


Please note: There are no university tuition fees in Germany

Module I and Module II at First City University College / Petaling Jaya

  • Module I: 4,161 € for 6 months
  • Module II: 4,878 € for 12 months
    Prices include: Course fees, teaching materials, 2 seminars, IELTS examination fees, lab fees, administration. Not included: accommodation.

Module III at Carl Duisberg Centren in Cologne / Germany

  • Module III: 8,277 € for 8 months
    Price includes: Course fees, airport transfer, examination fees, personal tutoring, educational counseling, activity program, health, accident and third-party liability insurance, arrangement of industrial training attachment programs, university application and administration. Not included: accommodation.


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