Parent Testimonials

Wong Shou Ping, father of a 19-year-old studying Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering at Technical University of Braunschweig

Today, my son is just a step away from the doors of the University of Braunschweig due to CDC’s acceptance of private students to join their programme.

We greatly appreciate CDC, who has been very professional in ensuring that every detail of the needs of students has been taken care off. The entire programme from Modules 1 to 3 was executed very well as promised, and as parents, we take great comfort that CDC took care of almost every detail to ensure that my son enters the university of his choice. From the day he arrived at the airport, pickup, accommodation, exam preparations, internship, university applications, and social activities were all greatly appreciated.

From my own research, we were very glad that we enrolled in the CDC programme, as one of the key success factors was that your German language lessons were taught by qualified native German teachers. It is rather incredible that all your students were able to reach the command of German language at university level within two years. Besides, the very experienced teachers at FCUC during the AUSMAT programme were also vital. My son has also expressed his utmost satisfaction to be able to acquire the German language which just two years ago, he cannot even read! I know he worked very hard in his studies and hopefully he will continue his pursuit with the great foundation laid down by CDC.

I would strongly recommend students to have the courage to be different and to take the challenge in the road less travelled in pursuit of higher education in Germany. The CDC programme is well proven and with many success stories for the past decade. And my son's achievement is just one of the long list of CDC alumni.

Low Eu Fai, father of a 20-year-old studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Applied Sciences Munich

I would like to extend my appreciation to CDC and FCUC for the great effort in making this program possible for my son. He found it a challenging course, nevertheless enjoyable. He received a lot of support and guidance both in Malaysia and in Köln during his program and that helped him immensely. CDC’s tireless efforts to keep parents updated with the progress of their children and attention to detail can't be overlooked. We were frequently informed on our son’s progress and more importantly received very clear indications as to whether or not he was progressing on schedule. That is very valuable to us.

I personally also met a staff member of CDC during my visit in Köln and found her to be ever ready and willing to help, which is very reassuring for parents. She also gave me some information on the courses CDC offered and I eventually signed up my younger son for a short one month Deutsch-Kurs during the summer holidays. Everything went very well with the course.

Going back to the CDC-FCUC Ausmat program, I think it has opened up a lot of opportunities for Malaysians looking for ways to study in Germany and I sincerely hope that the program will continue. To the CDC team I say thank you and well done! Please make this program available to more Malaysians.

Me Lo, mother of a 20-year-old studying Mechatronics at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

First of all I would like to thank Carl Duisberg Centren for providing such a program for Malaysian students and enabling them to have a chance to further their studies in Germany. I believe that many Malaysians are aware of the good quality of education in Germany but many are unclear about the pathway to study in Germany. For this case, Carl Duisberg Centren provides a complete program, from learning German, accommodation, evaluations to university applications, and that impressed me the most. Everything is well organized and prepared with much experience and professionalism. The students are well taken care of and well informed to face their new life in Germany.

My son likes the German education system very much and he will certainly enjoy the university campus life in Germany.

I would highly recommend this program to those who are financially capable and those who are interested. Thanks again that such wonderful programme is provided in Malaysia.

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